Friday, April 24, 2015

i named a plant emmett

Hello blogging friendz!!!!! I have been on an absolute photography *kick* as of late, I have been taking my NikonD60 absolutely everywhere.  I think I have been taking photos every other day.  I took a photoshoot with my pal Mikaela who did some siiiick jumping shots and one with my friend Clarissa where we went tromping around a cute little city near us.

Lifeeee-wise.  I have been kind of at a standstill.  I haven't found much motivation besides my photography as of late.  Everything seems routine. 

In honor of Earth Day, my pal Kirsten and I visited a local gardening store and bought some succulents.  Of course, we gave them fun names.  Kirsten's plants are Profe Flug (named after a Spanish teacher at our school), Nachito and Gale.  I named my plants Marty and Emmett after characters from the movie Back to the Future (greatest movie of all time can we agree).

Kirsten is so excited about Earth Day that she wet her plants!!!!!! HAA HA punz.

   On Wednesday, I got the amazingingiging opportunity to shoot some photographs of a band at my church that plays at our youth group.  It's an eclectic little group of professional musicians and they play contemporary Christian songs from bands like Gungor and Hillsong which is pretty neat. They were so sweet, they told me I could sort of romp around stage and do what I wanted. Uh, cool, thanks???

This image is part of a series I'm working on for a photography portfolio called "the unforeseen series" where I focus on different people all with the same element, each of them has their eyes hidden in some way. It's sort of still in the works, but eeep I'm super pumped about it.

I got part of my head shaved yesterday, which is now a thing.  I've always been sort of fascinated by the sidecut look, but honestly I was a little worried about how it was going to turn out.  I didn't want half my head shaved off or something (also I never have had a razor come towards my head before which was slightly concerning). But I really like how it turned out.  Subtle.  

I will be uploading more photoz soon because I have been taking sooooo many photos.