Monday, December 15, 2014

take me to the art museum.

Hello all.  I just arrived back home after seeing my oh so talented friends perform at their choir concert.  I love watching other people do what they love.

Recently, life has been hectic. Towards the end of the day, I've been trying to take a step back and stay sane.  I don't want days to go by too fast, where I don't notice details as much or stay as positive about things that I should be grateful for.

I have been hearing so many new artists recently and falling in love with them. Here is my December playlist:

1. Chasing it Down - Mother Mother
2. Sunrise Sunset - We are Trees
3. All I want is You - Barry Louis Polisar
4. Remains - Bastille ft. Rag'n'Bones & Skunk Anansle
5. Hunger of the Pine - Alt J
6. Ezra - Flume
7. Run Boy Run - Woodkid
8. Little Grace - Hippo Campus (!!!)
9. Different Colors - Walk the Moon
10.  Tire Swing - Kimya Dawson
11. Jive Baby - Mikhael Paskalev
12. Touch - Troye Sivan
13. Sophie So - Hippo Campus
14. Pickles from the Jar - Courtney Barnett

I want to go see paintings & sculptures right now.  That is all.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

She's got two-tone everything.

My brother got married a little over a month ago and I have only just gotten around to looking at the photos from it.  Everyone is always asking if I think it is weird to have a married brother, but it really isn't.  My brother and his wife (okay i will admit that one is weird to tell people) had been engaged for two years already & they had an apartment together, so not much really has changed.  Some of my cousins flew in from Alaska to come visit & I got to see some family friends & get my nails done which was a first & see my brother happy, so I was too.

Cousinz ft. Tyler and his wife Rachel, pictured below two & three in from the left

I'm wearing a dress from Von Maur that I also wore to my school's fall dance with headbands that I thrifted & tights my mother bought me from our local-all-purpose store & frilly socks from the store Atmosphere in Ireland, which is pretty much the European equivalent of Forever21 here in the States.

Oh yes. Also.  When the band The 1975 came to my city, I was super bummed that I couldn't go to the concert because I was involved in the Addams Family at school & we had a show that night. The Mall of America conveniently announced that THE BOYS WERE COMING FOR A FREE ACOUSTIC GIG & ALBUM SIGNING THAT MORNING.  Convenient.  A lot of my friends that I knew that adored the band were going to the concert that night & were waiting out early, so I enlisted my willing friend Jasmine to meet them. We met up with some of my other band friends that I met at the Bastille concert & waited in line for about five hours.  They sang three acoustic songs and Matty's voice was notably more raspy than usual that day.  


What's on your current playlists? Follow my Spotify if you'd fancy it: mckenna.paige.ryan


Saturday, November 29, 2014

hello & welcome & other introductory items

I am the Juicebox Queen, McKenna Paige. All hail. *uncomforable pause* You see, I never really know how I'm supposed to begin to describe myself because I'm not sure what people want to know.  I never know how to approach such things.

I'm a sixteen year old (almost seventeen wow soon im going to be an old geezer) that lives in the suburbs, torn between the urban & rural world. I'm talkative for an introvert & I love to meet people, but I prefer to listen to what others have to say & constuct my view of the world based off my interactions. I'm also a perfectionist by nature. I like feeling confident & I feel confident when I take risks. 

You can rarely spot me without a headband on of some sort. I usually tie one of my mother's vintage scarves around my head, but sometimes it's a 90s sweatband or beads. You'll quickly figuire that out. It just is so second-nature, it feels so bare without one. Other go-to habits of mine include cuffing my pants & wearing oversized men's cardigans. I get most of my clothes from second-hand shops or taken from my sister & mother's closets. I'm not a huge fan of retail, I try to reduce my ecological footprint whenever I can. Wow, that really sounded like it came out of an intro-to-environmental-science-textbook didn't it? 

I love to take photos to remember exactly how I was feeling in that moment in my life. I tote around my mother's nikon & my instax mini (polaroid-esque) camera whenever I can. 

          Taken with my Instax Mini 7s

I live for live music. Whenever I'm home, my spotify is playing in the background. I listen to folk, indie & electronic music for the most part. Some of my favorites include The 1975, Mikhael Paskalev, Bastille, Hillsong Young & Free, Flume, The Little Green Cars and Bob Dylan. Quite the assortment, if I do say so myself. Rule of thumb: if it has banjo in it, I'll probably dig it. My friend Clarissa & I often go on concert & acoustic gig adventures. I love to meet band members, yes call me a fangirl, but they are so inspiring awww. I've met the members of Bastille, The 1975, Communist Daughter & Eric Hutchinson. I've also seen Chvrches, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, The Weeks and Hillsong Worship live.  My hope for the future is to go to school for music production & management. 

              Dan Smith, of Bastille 

On this blog, I'm hoping to share with you, my dear reader, daily musings, outfits, pages from my art journal where I madly splash paint and ink while listening to music, concert rants, my journey in faith through verses & my thoughts on life's toughest questions,playlists of songs I enjoy & other life shenanigans. 

My friend Micah, really has encouraged me to start my blog back up again. And so I am here. (My previous blog was over on Wordpress & was a lifestyle blog but I didn't fancy it much in case you were curious) Huzzah. He has his own blog over on wordpress at where he is sharing his faith journey. You should go moosy on over because it has some deep stuff & some useful insights into the Christian faith.  Also because I used the word moosy to get you to visit his blog. He has been an amazing part of my faith journey, reintroducing God's love to me through music.  Everything I do is for my boy, JC. (aka Jesus Christ, if that was confusing)  

All hail.