Monday, March 9, 2015

Music You Should Hit Up: My friendddd Andrew Bailey

Eeeep.  Our school has this thing called a "capstone project" where you basically choose a career path and then do an in-depth project based on your interests.  It's a decently-big deal.  Some people kinda waltz around the system by doing a project showcasing ceramic projects or something and some people go hardcore and cure a disease.

I came up with this idea to create a mini album-sampler-EP of sorts containing songs written by students at my high school.  I would help record them in a studio and create album art, lyrics sheets, etc.  I'm talking to my principal about it in a few days and I'm super excited (and nervous) about it, quite honestly.  Eeep.

One of my pals Andrew Bailey is really supportive of my idea.  He writes his own stuff and he's real good.  Reaaaaaallll good.  He's such an interesting guy that has a lot of ideas and is really good at articulating them.  He agreed to help partake in my lil sampler-EP capstone project, which makes me so happy.  So happy.  He has a honest, organic and engaging voice backed by some sunny acoustic strumming. You should give him a listen in the meantime.

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